Untapped and under-penetrated Indian tampon market invites the new entrants to develop the category within India feminine hygiene market

Increasing purchasing power, increase in the number of working women, growth in hygiene awareness, increasing product awareness, disobeying taboos & myths, and involvement of the companies to penetrate in the market will drive the entrants to grow in the tampon market in India.
The penetration of the Pantyliner Market and Tampon Market is negligible in Indian feminine hygiene when compared with the Sanitary napkin market. Globally the tampon and pantyliner are accepted widely among females. The global scenario suggests that the easy availability of products, awareness of the product, and disbelief in myths has penetrated the feminine hygiene market in the global countries. While in India there is no awareness regarding any such products available. Even the sanitary pads are rarely being used due to the lack of knowledge regarding feminine hygiene and unawareness of such products. They prefer to use cotton clothes for such hygienic products. Tampons are looked upon as harmful to the body, also the scare of losing virginity and the belief in myth such as they would not be a certified virgin by using them are restricting to the growth of the tampon market in India. The availability of tampons and lack of knowledge of the existence of such products in the market is also a subject that renders the growth of the tampon market in India.
India has a very small range of products available in the tampon market. Johnson & Johnson and Unicharm India are the only two players in India in this category. P&G’s global brand Tampax is also available in the Indian market, which is imported to see if the domestic buyer can be tempted into buying them, creating a way for the company to penetrate into the Indian Market. Johnson & Johnson’s OB Tampons are popular among the aware consumers, but its availability in chemist shops is a concern for the users. Other than OB Tampon, Sofy Soft Tampons are available in the market but they are not popular among users. Its contribution is negligible when compared with Johnson & Johnson’s OB Tampon. Johnson & Jhonson’s OB Tampons are also not available round the clock. Its scarcity is noted in the previous years when they were not available for a longer period of time in the market.
The Tampon market in India is an opportunity for new entrants in the category to develop the feminine hygiene market. With an increase in the number of working women and increasing purchasing power, women are now getting aware of the products offered in feminine hygiene. The awareness regarding various products is likely to create demand for such products in the market. With an increase in demand, the market is to attract the manufacturers into this segment. Over the coming years, awareness and demand for tampons are to increase with the increasing interest of the users and it will drive the market further. Until now, no advertisement has ever been telecast in India to market the tampons. However, with the interest of the new entrants in the market, to grab the users towards their product, the change of trend in the segment is to be seen. The use of tampons is slowly increasing with the gradual growth in awareness and usage of tampons by the upper-class users, as they are available at a high price range. Female active in sports prefer to use tampons over sanitary napkins, as they are easy to use and has proven advantageous to them. Apart from Sportsperson, tampons are also favorable to working women. With an increase in the users of tampons in the market, the demand for tampons is to increase creating opportunities for new entrants to penetrate into the Indian market.

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