Top 10 cooking oil of Indian households

Cooking oil is an essential basic ingredient in Indian kitchens. Whatever you cook, either a vegetable sabzi or the main course, oil is an evergreen flavor enhancer used and loved by all Indians. In spite of this widespread use, it is very necessary to look for the right cooking oil that spares you from heart and cholesterol related disease. So for health awareness purposes, I’m listing below the 10 edible oils based on health benefits as well as availability.

1. Ghee – It is one of the healthiest cooking options available to Indians. It is better than every other alternative because not only is it good for digestion, but it also helps to reduce weight when going along with daily exercise. It is believed that Ghee improves memory and bone strength as well as the energy level of a person.

2. Mustard Oil – It is, in fact, a great alternative to vegetable oil because the use of mustard oil is prevalent as a stimulator of the digestive system. It posses some extraordinary antibacterial properties, which made it preferable for skin protection and massage. It also repels germs and viruses and can be taken as the remedy for common cold and cough. 

3. Groundnut Oil – It is rich in (Monounsaturated fatty acids) MUFAs, and (Polyunsaturated fatty acids) PUFAs are healthy types of fats that replace unhealthy types of fats. It does have abundant vitamin E that prevents skin from acne. It is widely consumed in the state of Gujarat, Maharashtra, and Andhra Pradesh.

4. Sunflower Oil – It is one of the healthiest edible oil in India. It does have so many medical properties. It does contain PUFA and vitamin E. Consumption of sunflower oil reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases and promotes the nervous system’s healthy functioning.

5. Rice bran Oil– Rice bran oil is believed to be one of the healthiest edible oil. It contains MUFAs and oryzanol. So the consumption of this oil effectively reduces cholesterol levels. It is used all across India. Fortune is a famous brand selling rice bran oil in the Indian market.

6. Coconut Oil –  South India is the primary consumer of coconut oil. Due to the local availability and health benefits of the oil. It is loaded with vitamin E, antioxidants, and polyphones, which help boost metabolism and lowers the blood sugar level of an individual.

7. Sesame Oil – Sesame oil does have some magical restorative properties. Especially for diabetic patients. It also increases oral hygiene and dental well being of an individual. To sum it up, it is not only oil; it is a type of medicine that should be a part of your healthy diet.

8. Palm Oil – Palm oil is a cheap and easily available product in the Indian market. However, it does have some adverse effects. But it also posses some good healthy properties such as antioxidants, carotenes, and Vitamin E. These are helpful ingredients for patients with arthritis, Alzheimer’s, and cancer.

9. Olive Oil – Delhi, Gujarat, Punjab, and Tamilnadu are the largest olive oil consumer in India. Olive oil has the properties to battle heart diseases, Parkinson’s disease, and Alzheimer’s disease.

10. Canola (rapeseed) Oil – The use of Canola oil can reduce the risk of heart diseases. It is a good source of Vitamin E and K as well as omega-3 and plant sterol. Canola oil can be used instead of butter due to its useful medicinal properties.

In conclusion, I would suggest that, as one can see, edible oils are the inseparable elements of  Indian cooking. So one must consume the oil based on the health benefits it can derive from it. A smart choice in a healthy diet can increase individuals’ life span by a decade or two.

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