SPORTS DRINKS are boosting up new energy in Indian markets: Bonafide Research

Rising health concerns, the growing popularity of energy & sports drinks, and a rise in the number of athletes & sportspersons in the country are boosting this market. People normally take energy and sports drinks after having intense workouts in the gyms. Extensive and irregular working hours and the increasing occurrence of social gatherings have also been one of the reasons for the adoption of energy & sports drinks in day-to-day life.
According to the recently published report of Bonafide Research “India Energy & Sports Drinks Market Outlook, 2021”, the total size of the energy & sports drinks market is anticipated to cross a mark of Rs. 2500 crore by 2021. The market has huge potential in the coming years and the increasing number of players interested to enter this segment is one of the major reasons for the same. Sports and energy drinks contain essential nutrients that work towards rejuvenating the body and boosting energy. Hence, sports drinks seem to have become the norm in the fitness world. With so many varieties and flavors available, each brand claims that they just want sportsperson and athletes to stay at the top of their game.
The American food and beverage company PepsiCo Inc. has launched an energy drink called Sting, one of its global brands, across organized retail outlets in India. This is the second attempt by PepsiCo to crack the energy drink market in India. It had earlier launched SoBe in 2008, which was withdrawn from the market soon after. In India, Sting is available in 250ml cans and will have less than 100 calories. At Rs. 50, Sting is priced much lower than the most-selling energy drink – Red Bull, which is priced at Rs. 110 for a 250ml can. The decision made by PepsiCo to re-enter the energy drinks market in India came 10 months after the country’s food regulator Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) set limits for caffeine content in energy drinks at a maximum of 300 mg per liter.
In 2017, Coffee Day Enterprises Limited (CDEL) also forayed into the energy drinks market in India. The company, which owns and operates around 1,700 Cafe Coffee Day (CCD) outlets across India and a few international markets, has introduced an energy drink beverages under the brand ‘Storm’. In the next two to three years, they are expecting to acquire a decent share in this space by banking on the brand power. Having sold lakh cans in a month period just after the launch, the company is now targeting bigger volumes this fiscal and beyond. It will also look to increase production capacity. Leveraging their brand distribution learning from this launch, they expect to introduce similar products in the coming quarters. The beverage priced at Rs. 100 per can is being sold primarily through CCD outlets across Lounge, Square, Express, and Coffee Point formats. The company’s cafe network stands at 1,694 outlets across 243 cities in India as of June 2017. It added gross 32 cafes in the first quarter of fiscal 2018 and plans to add 135 stores annually over the next two to three years. CDEL also enjoys a leadership position in the vending-machines space and currently has 42,788 machines installed (as of June 2017). Of these, over 1500 machines were added in the first quarter itself.
Moto, the made in UAE energy drink, has also been launched across India last year, enrooted to a committed growth strategy of completing the availability of the product across 33 countries. Moto is a unique beverage product that combines all the elements that create an energy drink that delivers great taste and a simple yet astonishing look and feel. In order to reach the consumers of India, Moto has partnered with Aish Adventures Pvt. Ltd. of Delhi. Moto is poised to reach out to the pan-India consumers with its widest distribution channel consisting of 20 expert and professional super stockists and 200 experienced distributors. The brand’s ambition is to represent the UAE’s heritage, lifestyle, and values to the Indian consumer.
The next player in the line is Fashion TV, better known as FTV. It is the global authority in the fashion domain and is equally popular for fashion merchandise and consumable products sold through its brand licensing globally. Its brand F88 – a new alcoholic luxury energy drink which is popular in over 55 markets worldwide, is now moving ahead to penetrate into the Indian market. F88 contains no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives and it can be enjoyed straight as a mixer.
Even though existing players are expanding their product portfolios and new players are entering into this segment, these drinks pose a high risk of health for some set of consumers. With increasing rates of childhood obesity, having kids chug sports drinks loaded with extra sugar is considered to be dangerous. For children and adolescents, energy drinks can also be downright dangerous. Moreover, young people who sip on sports drinks as a regular drink without doing much physical activity run the risk of weight gain and tooth decay from added sugar. Then there are energy drinks, which some professional athletes use to boost performance and gain a competitive edge in the game, by mixing them with caffeine and other stimulants to increase focus and prolong their attention span. News of such incidents generally come in the season of national and world championships and is hyped a lot on televisions, which has a negative impact on the minds of consumers. All these factors still act as a roadblock for energy and sports drink to reach a larger set of consumers.
Major companies operating in the energy & sports drinks market of India are Red Bull India Private Limited, PepsiCo India Holdings Private Limited, Coca-Cola India Private Limited, Hector Beverages Private Limited, Monster Beverages Private Limited, Goldwin Healthcare Private Limited, GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare Limited, Heinz India Private Limited, Gujarat Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation (Amul), Bisleri International Private Limited and XXX Energy Drinks Private Limited.

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