News of weakening air pollution in Delhi and surrounding areas is all over the internet and TV Channels – thus triggering the sales of AIR PURIFIERS to a record high: Bonafide Research

Due to weakening air quality across the country and especially in Delhi and surrounding areas, air purifier manufacturers like Xiaomi, Eureka Forbes, Blue Air, Panasonic India, Honeywell and Sharp among others have witnessed multi-fold jump in the demand for air purifiers. The news and videos of various accidents and smog in Delhi have gone viral over the web and the word of mouth is at its peak in every corner of the country. Air purifier brands have got all the needed hype at zero marketing cost and players are just busy cashing on the opportunity.
Due to demonetisation in November 2016, sales of air purifiers were affected to a certain extent as winter is its peak season. However this year, the demand for air purifiers has been on a momentous rise, showing lofty month-on-month growth across the country. With air pollution being a constant talking point in the last two months, per day sales of almost all the brands have drastically gone up. Air purifiers usually find takers in the slightly affluent or upper middle class families in India. But many players want to cater to the mass segment and thus they are now looking to introduce low-end products.
The air purifier market size in India has crossed Rs. 300 crore and is expected to grow more robustly in the coming years. North India dominates the sales with both volume and value share and in coming years also it is expected to continue its dominance. Metros are the major sales market for air purifier manufacturers with Delhi-NCR being the main action place. Players are looking at a remarkable year of sales due to rising pollution levels that breached the permissible standards by multiple times. Market leaders are already selling aggressively through both – online platforms as well as large and small format retail stores.
Xiaomi slashed its Mi Air Purifier 2 price by Rs. 1,000 and is now available at Rs. 8,999. As a result, Mi Air Purifier 2 saw nearly eight times increase in its sales in a single day (24 hours) across its website and online partners like Amazon and Flipkart, as claimed by the company. In this season of hype, Panasonic India is targeting around Rs. 12-15 crore sales while sales of Eureka Forbes have increased by almost 80 percent in the last one month. Sharp, which saw a sales of 7000 air purifiers in the first week of November 2016, is expecting a lot more this year. Similarly, Respirators maker 3M India is also looking for a strong year ahead.
According to Honeywell Homes and Building Technologies, their sales have seen almost fivefold spike and around 8-10 fold increase in enquires for air purifiers. Sales of Blueair purifiers per day have gone up almost 50 times to last week. Blueair India expects that November month will see three times sales of last month and there will be a 100 per cent growth over last year. US water technology and air purifying solutions company AO Smith said that India will be its key market for growth in the future. Last year, AO Smith’s revenue in India increased by double digits as compared to 8% globally.
In 2017, Honeywell introduced two new additions to the company’s indoor air purifier portfolio for Indian homes. Honeywell Air Touch I8 and A5 models are one of the newest air purifiers by the company, claiming to fight PM2.5 particles showing real-time data on the touch-based panel on top. They come with the pre-filter, HEPA filter, and the company’s patented HiSiv technology, or an activated carbon filter. The touch panel offers features like variable fan speed, an air quality indicator, child lock, and sleep mode. Air Touch I8 Gold is priced at Rs. 22,990 while Air Touch A5 Gold comes at Rs. 12,990. Honeywell’s big advantage over more budget air purifiers like Xiaomi’s Mi Air Purifier 2 or the ones from Panasonic, etc is that it shows the real-time PM2.5 particle level.
Sharp Technologies has announced its FP-FM40E air purifier at Rs. 28,000 with built-in Mosquito catcher, which the company claims to be the world’s first. There is an empty space at the back side of this air purifier where it has UV lights and powerful air suction. UV lights attract mosquitoes and air suction traps mosquitoes on a glue sheet. There are multiple layers of this glue sheet from which mosquitoes cannot escape. When the upper one becomes ineffective, one can remove it and then the second layer starts acting the same for next few days. Founded in 2015 and based in Delhi, Nirvana Being announced the launch of two revolutionary Air Purifiers called Airgle AG600 PurePal and Airgle AG900 PurePal. The products are crafted and touted as the ‘Rolls Royce’ of the air purifier industry for its perfect fusion of performance and elegant built.
Shashi Ranjan (scientist from the National University of Singapore), Debayan Saha (post-graduate from IIT Kharagpur), and Harsh Sheth (doctor) have invented a nasal device for children aged 8-14. The patent-pending device, which has the capacity to capture pollutants and clear the air, will soon be launched in the market for commercial sales. It is a tiny, independent product that is around two centimetres in size. The product does not need any attachment, plugging, washing or cleaning, just a component that needs to be replaced once the first is used. Component replacing, along with the device, will cost only up to Rs. 1,000 for one to two months.
South Korean consumer electronics major LG is looking to enter into air purifier market. The air purifiers, fitted with specialised filters to clean emission from vehicles and fossil fuels, are among over 10 products that the company has lined up for India this year. Kenstar, a part of Videocon Group, has also finalized plans to enter the fast growing air purifier business in India. Kenstar has already conducted the market research and will soon roll out the products in India. The company expects to corner 10% share in the first year of its operations.

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