Low Penetrated Rural Mosquito Repellent Market Is Exploiting the Opportunities for Manufacturers

A gradual increase in the economic condition, growing media exposure, increasing awareness about the infectious disease, changing consumption patterns, and innovative marketing strategy for the rural markets are likely to provide a large and attractive investment opportunity for mosquito repellent companies in the coming years.
In some parts of rural India, still people depend on traditional methods of using neem leaves and cow dung to get relief from mosquitoes. Apart from the traditional ways, the other standard method used is the burning of the coil as it is economic to use. Moreover, high price and power cut concerns have also led to the limited use of the latest formats of mosquito repellent like mats, liquid dispensers, repellent sprays, etc. The mosquito repellent market has been growing in India with major contributions from urban areas. The urban areas have boosted up the market favoring its increased awareness of the diseases spread through mosquitoes, hygiene, and health consciousness. Conversely, the rural areas have not contributed much to the growth of the mosquito repellent market due to its low economic condition, low awareness about infectious disease, hygiene, and the repellent products offered by the manufacturers.
India Mosquito Repellent Market is growing at a CAGR of 4.79% over the last six years. The popular players in rural areas are Jyothy, Dabur, and GCPL. Until recently, Jyothy’s maxi coil was greatly accepted among rural consumers. Dabur’s Odomos has also gained popularity in rural India as it was introduced in a small sachet pack at a cheap price. Although with the arrival of Godrej’s fast card in 2013, mosquito repellent coil and cream are facing the competition. At present, the mosquito repellent companies are increasing competition in the rural market as every big player is making every possible effort to penetrate the rural market by providing affordable products, which are more beneficial and conventional to the rural market.
Following the urban lifestyle, rural consumers are now aspiring to purchase branded high-quality products. The players are also adopting various marketing strategies like the launch of innovative & specialized products, campaigning, media, low price points, etc. to grab the attention of rural consumers. Such efforts of the players have attracted the rural people to their new product formats and their convenient usage. Rural people are evolving towards value with services products that provide convenient usage, services, and are economic. Owing to the growing interest of the players in the rural market, change in the consumption pattern, and the trend to follow the urban market the mosquito repellent market is to reach new heights in the years to come.

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